01 Mar 2018

The Importance of Style

The stereotypical view of men’s fashion is often vague and misunderstood. Many believe that when men pay attention to how they are presented to the world means that they are too feminine and are often emasculated. What needs to be understood is that they appreciate how they are perceived by other people.

Some say that having great style is a tribute to one’s self; to honor and appreciate what others see and feel. VERDE’s not just all about quality, even though that is one of the many aspects that we pride our self in; but we also feel that quality should not only be felt, but also be seen.

We ensure comfort, quality, and well-defined details that are molded together into one beautiful and cohesive form of art that can be worn, can be shown off to the world. Fashionista is not just defined to be a specific gender, male or female. A fashionista is when a person knows how to dress well; as a form of appreciation to themselves and to others.

The basic fundamentals of self-appreciation lies in the confidence that one can gain through various aspect of life; in which fashion plays a big part of it. Fashion is one of the many unspoken language that has many meanings; one of which helps one to appreciate themselves through various ways.