01 Dec 2018

Endless Celebration

A lot of people celebrate the ending of the year differently; however most opt to go down the festive route by playing with ...

01 Nov 2018

Define Yourself

Many things define who you are. Some people are defined by their education, their job, their relationship status or even the...

01 Oct 2018

The Center of Attention

The origin of Halloween was found around 2000 years ago, whereas the holiday itself was a ritual instead of in the modern er...

01 Sep 2018

Show Your Drive

People often assume that the very essence of being a man lies within their drive, or their physique. Truthfully, there are m...

01 Aug 2018


The 17th of August have always been a special date in Indonesia as it is the Independence Day. However, this year has always...

01 Jul 2018

Never Surrender

Health and wellness have always been a large part of everyone’s lives. There are many ways to achieve the idea of being he...

01 Jun 2018

Peace and Harmony

Holidays come and go, but of course there is something special about Eid. There is a cultural appreciation of buying new clo...

01 May 2018

Fly Me to the Moon

Some often picture themselves unrealistically like on movies and TV Shows; where men like Richard Gerard jump off the plane ...

01 Apr 2018

Better You

Spring means new beginning; however, in Indonesia spring is just basically the same as any other seasonal weather changes th...

01 Mar 2018

The Importance of Style

The stereotypical view of men’s fashion is often vague and misunderstood. Many believe that when men pay attention to how ...

01 Feb 2018

Prosperous Beginning

Prosperity is a term that everyone wishes for. It is viewed in different cultures differently, some see prosperous as having...

01 Jan 2018

Cheers to the New Year

Nothing compares to the beginning of the year, everything feels different and yet it is the same. It is the moment where eve...