01 Feb 2018

Prosperous Beginning

Prosperity is a term that everyone wishes for. It is viewed in different cultures differently, some see prosperous as having a healthy family, or a good business venture, or receiving many luck and blessings in the years to come. However, prosperity isn’t simply something that comes right away.

It takes effort and a certain amount of prayer. It’s an effort on both sides; opportunities do not just come straight away without a little bit of effort in between tries. February seems to offer many opportunities as it is the beginning of the year and also the beginning of the Chinese New Year; the holiday where the culture is to start the year prosperously.

Another culture of Chinese New Year is the humble beginning together with family and friends; this is why during Chinese New Year, we often visit others’ houses and receive red envelopes from elders. This is a form of a good-luck wish that the elders wishes for the younger generations. Family is still a very important aspect and we in VERDE wanted to show those values through our fabric choice, colors, and patterns.

Still distinctively Indonesian, our patterns are filled with heritage and still f it the moments of Chinese New Year where the main color that we focus on is red; which is a color that symbolizes prosperity and harmony. These colors are usually combined with gold, white, and many other colors that symbolizes joy and luck. We in VERDE respect the differences in culture and try our best to suit every needs during important moments in life.