01 Jun 2018

Peace and Harmony

Holidays come and go, but of course there is something special about Eid. There is a cultural appreciation of buying new clothes for the D-day of the holiday, and the major concern is ’what if I won’t be able to use these clothes anymore?’

Generally, Eid’s clothing are adorned with many details that makes it so uniquely special for the traditional holiday. However, the question is what to do with the clothes after Eid? Many of these clothes are incredibly festive and not very versatile for other occasions. With this thought in mind, we in VERDE decided to craft a more festive style that are also suitable for daily-use.

Societal rules forces us to celebrate Eid with our families and friends, we tend to celebrate this the best way that we can, through many various activities that often are not compatible with the adorning garments and beautiful decors that are usually not as comfortable as one would seem, as the fabric is usually slightly scratchy and just a tad thicker.

Less is more, and that saying is often found to be quite true. Especially in this day and age where the barrenness of design equals to serenity and a certain calmness that are decorations in itself. Adorned with fine and small details that make the design more wholesome, we crafted each and one of our Eid pieces with the simplicity that stands out just a tad bit more.