01 Aug 2018


The 17th of August have always been a special date in Indonesia as it is the Independence Day. However, this year has always been extra special due to the Asian Games that will occur in the same month! This has elected August 2018 to be an extremely festive year.

However festive it may be, we in VERDE believe that being subtle is very important. After all, less is more. Styling our men with individuality woven into every detail of the stitches and pattern, we strive to craft a look that highlights the victory and Indonesian pride through simple color choices that are mixed into our designs.

Clothes should be able to represent many things, as well as mood and personality. What better way to show the love and pride we have for Indonesia than wearing our favorite white and red colors proudly? We find it to be a slight challenge to deliver a perfect set of clothing that would show these emotions.

Try hard as we may, we will never forget the importance of pride and individuality as we believe that those aspects are one of the most important ones to be a confident man with impeccable presence and overwhelming pride.