01 May 2018

Fly Me to the Moon

Some often picture themselves unrealistically like on movies and TV Shows; where men like Richard Gerard jump off the plane and still look like he just finished a shower; hair gel still flawless and all. However, reality really is not all that great. Common people problems include back pain, dizziness, wrinkled clothing and just a really tired complexion filled with under-eye dark circles, and swollen eyes.

Reality often shows the saddest picture in comparison to those that we see in movies and magazines. But it’s not really all that bad; clothing determines what you look like and how you want to be looked at. Remember that in reality, people still judge others visually, through the lens of people in general, we have to be able to present ourselves the way that we want to be seen, through any condition and any physical tiredness or fatigue that we may feel.

Trips that take much longer than a couple of hours are often the most tiring ones, even if you do nothing but sleep the entire way. VERDE’s clothing will probably not decrease the back pains or the under eye circles; but at least no more wrinkled clothing. Walk down out of the plane, well-presented and with an after travel glow that matches any other men in the movies. It is not that difficult to meet the sun, or the stars, looking immaculate and well-presented. At least it isn’t when you’re with VERDE.