01 Nov 2018

Define Yourself

Many things define who you are. Some people are defined by their education, their job, their relationship status or even their family background. However, it is undeniable able that most people impulsively define others visually.

First impressions are often the only impression worthy to put effort on, as it is incredibly important. The reason why people spend millions in clothing and accessories are not only for self-contentment, but it is also important for network spreading; be it business or simply retaining friendly connections, first impressions are incredibly important.

People will define who you are, it is a naturally distinctive habit that makes us no different than animals taking in the scent of other animals. While the primal identification focuses on olfactory senses, we take in thing through our vision senses.

We rely on our visuals to relate to things such as color, and secondly on our sense of touch to relate to the feel of a fabric and other materials; this is incredibly prevalent in people who are blind. Blind people rely mostly on their other senses, and this is why we try to satisfy most human senses. We in VERDE feel that our clothing have to relate to the bodily senses; for ourselves and for others to see, and feel.