01 Jan 2018

Cheers to the New Year

Nothing compares to the beginning of the year, everything feels different and yet it is the same. It is the moment where everyone starts creating New Year resolutions and start coming up with the ‘New Year new me’ rule. It is the perfect moment in the year where you can start anew, within every bit of yourself; to want to be better.

Achieve greater things in life is a high pressured expectation on anyone, and with the New Year, this sort of pressured is being impaled upon individuals by themselves. This has come to be a culture, as the year signifies another change and also another year being older. Some people may become depressed due to unrealized goals in the past year, some may become extremely motivated to push themselves harder. All in all, the New Year has a negative and positive impact on different individuals. It is a natural reaction.

Start by looking better, taking better care of yourself, and dressing better. We in VERDE believe that our clothing can lift up those resolutions and help our customers achieve great things in life; through looking sharp, and helping you at least look the part.