01 Apr 2018

Better You

Spring means new beginning; however, in Indonesia spring is just basically the same as any other seasonal weather changes that we get. The most is just a little rain. Even so, despite the weather, the oh-so tiresome traffic, there is really no reason to start looking under the weather.

More often people relate themselves to their mood and that tends to ruin many aspects of the day. But, what if how you look can affect people? Because indeed it does. Come to a morning meeting, during any weather with style. Immaculate, and sleek altogether, the perfect combination for any day.

Similar to women’s fashion, and yet so different at the same time. The basic fundamentals of it is still indeed the same, regardless of what others may feel to be illiterately unnatural. The need to ‘look’ good to be able to ‘feel’ good; in any kind of condition there is an attire, an outfit for you.

In VERDE, we do not believe in not being able to be well-dressed during a little rain, or even a thunderstorm. There is no excuse, and we believe in always being presentable despite all situations, be comfortable, and be well-dressed. Cladded in VERDE’s creations, anything is possible, let it be rain or sunshine.