01 Oct 2018

The Center of Attention

The origin of Halloween was found around 2000 years ago, whereas the holiday itself was a ritual instead of in the modern era, where the holiday is used as a special time to have fun and host parties. Generally, everyone has a different idea and culture to how Halloween should be celebrated.

In most western cultures, Halloween is an autumn holiday since it occurs on October 31st; it is festive as they have a cultural habit of trick-or-treat (where children knock on people’s doors and ask for candy). Some also host costume parties; some dress up as scary monsters or ghosts; while others dress up as characters from movies or books.

Indonesia has since now are deriving into the westernized culture and Halloween is now often celebrated; even though it is done in a different way. Masquerade parties are not rare and how would you be able to find yourself perfectly balanced in your surroundings and incomparably eye-catching compared to everyone else? With VERDE this is achievable.